Find Your Motion

Newton's first law of motion states, "a body at rest will stay at rest and a body in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an external force." Let's take a cue from physics and apply it to our physiques! Reward your body and mind by setting your lifestyle into motion and discovering a happier, healthier you.
So how do you find that "external force" to get moving and overcome outside forces like work, stress, and time to stay in motion? That's where I come in! Whether you're new to fitness or a lifelong athlete, I will design a personalized, strategic program of fitness and wellness practices tailored to your individual goals and needs that will keep you on a path of motion.
Every "body" is different. No cookie cutter fitness program or foolproof diet plan exists that works wonders for all of us. There are specific movements, exercises, nutrition, and wellness practices that can help each individual achieve their optimal health, and I will work closely with you to unlock your unique, ideal combination and "find your motion"!

Ready to Find Your Motion?! I've got a few options for you. Check out my Move With Me page to learn more.  

xo, Melissa  
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